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Elite Services

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Personal Education Consultation and Planning

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Higher Education Programmes

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Academic and Professional Group Exchange and

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Professional Talent Training and Development: VPET & CPD

Why Elite

Personalised Academic Planning

The experienced Elite team helps students in finding the most suitable institutions and majors, assisting them determine their academic interests and strengths early on. The team prioritizes students' futures to enhance their career prospects.

Comprehensive Admission and Academic Services

Elite provides students with total solutions for university admissions, including application & follow-ups, student visa, support for international English examinations, and advice on
living abroad. The Elite team is always available, making it easy for students to seek various information and supports.

Strong Linkage with Institutions

Elite team maintains strong linkage with various institutions, ensuring an effective communication and smooth admission consequently. Elite is well-versed in the application techniques of different institutions, simplifying the application process and achieving successful admissions.

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Dr Peter Chan

President, Elite Institute

" Where Excellence Meet Opportunities "

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